Git and the Swiss army knife myth

Posted on: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 14:48 By: patrick

I just came across yet another article that touts Git as "a version control Swiss army knife". The comparison annoys me! I was born and bred in Switzerland, and I know from first-hand experience that a real Swiss army knife is small, handy and has only a few tools. In short, this: A real Swiss army knife

Git, on the other hand, is more like this:

A Swiss army knife abomination.

(I do like Git, but please don't compare it to a Swiss army knife).

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Bye bye Subversion

Posted on: Tue, 01 Sep 2009 03:25 By: patrick

A few months ago, after a brief encounter with svk, I became interested in distributed version control systems (or DSCMs). I soon decided that I wanted to move away from Subversion - not because I didn't like SVN anymore, but because I saw an interesting new technical challenge, and also because I thought (and still think) that knowing how to work with a DSCM is a valuable skill to employers. After a brief comparison of the most prominent open source DSCMs (Bazaar, Git, Mercurial), I decided to go with Git.

Today I finally completed the migration from Subversion to Git repositories. The following links are in operation as of now:

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