Little Go project page has moved to GitHub Pages

The project page for Little Go has moved to https://littlego.herzbube.ch/. The new site is hosted by GitHub Pages, accordingly the site source files can be found in this gh-pages branch. The only resources for the Little Go project that are still on my private server are the third-party software tar balls required to build Little Go.

Mac OS X processes explained

Discovered today: http://triviaware.com/macprocess/all. Very nice if you have a question about one of those mysterious processes that run on your Mac. Such as: Why is "AirPort Base Station Agent.app" running on my desktop machine, even though that machine is not equipped with Wi-Fi/AirPort and, in fact, there is no AirPort base station in the entire household? Anyway, you can also upload a text file created with ps -A and let the website "

A Chronology of Quendor

Surfing the web sometimes uncovers gems like this one. Warning: You will not be thrilled unless you are an Infocom enthusiast :-) Addendum: This is also a good Infocom resource.

Structured Procrastination

Hilarious, and yet so true, a must read for any serious procrastinator: http://www.structuredprocrastination.com/. I am going to look over the priorities of my TODO list right away! I should probably make "write captions for old vacation pictures" the top-priority task, whereas "backup my data" needs to be mercilessly demoted to priority 9 :-)

Triple Herzbube

I just found out that besides me and the Alice in Wonderland character there is another Herzbube. Now there are three of us :-)