AceXpander 1.1 released

AceXpander 1.1 is now a universal binary. To make this possible, the application has been completely re-implemented in Objective-C. As usual you can find everything on the AceXpander page.

Once again, this is not a feature release. Almost all of the new stuff has happened behind the scenes, e.g.

  • a crippling bug in the intermediate release 1.0.2 has been fixed
  • in the source tar ball you will find a couple of UML diagrams and you can generate source code documentation with doxygen
  • the way how the unace binary is launched has changed completely

AceXpander 1.0.1 released

I have released AceXpander 1.0.1 - you can download it here. Feature-wise the release is not interesting. The new stuff has happened on the artistic side: I have added an application and a document icon, and the project has now a slightly different name to accomodate the new icons and logo (new name: AceXpander, old name: AceExpander).


Version 1.1

AceXpander is a Mac OS X graphical user interface to the unace command line utility. With AceXpander installed, you can simply double-click on any ACE archive in the Finder and the contents of the archive will be extracted to a sub-folder of the same folder where the original archive is located. To configure AceXpander, or to use additional program features, you have to directly launch the application (e.g. by double-clicking on the application icon in the Finder or the Dock).

Note: AceXpander is no longer maintained. It stopped working long ago when Mac OS X switched to the Intel platform, because the unace utility that ships with AceXpander is a PowerPC binary. An updated version of the utility is not available because the WinAce project appears to be defunct.