PGP Episode III - A New Key

Today I published a new PGP key (the ID is 0x1319CD4F3FF38573), the third since I started fiddling with PGP in 2002. The first key never made it to any keyserver, and the second key was published to keyservers but I never really used it except for encrypting some private documents.

The third key is what I hope I can stick to. I strongly intend to use it for signing future releases of my software projects (e.g. it is very easy to sign a tag in a Git repository), but I also hope to build a web of trust of my own and get into the strong set. For starters, I have got the CAcert signature... Feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting my signature (cross-signing would be appreciated), but first you might wish to read my PGP Key Signing Policy.

Note: Links to the published version of my key are available at the bottom of every page on this site.

New PGP key

I have finally ditched my old PGP key, from now on please use the updated public key that is available from the URL that you can see on the bottom of every page on this site. My original key was generated by an application from, in a time when they still had products that were free for home use. These days they seem to be very commercial, so I have started working with the Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG), and, especially, with its Mac port Mac GPG.