PGP Episode III - A New Key

Today I published a new PGP key (the ID is 0x1319CD4F3FF38573), the third since I started fiddling with PGP in 2002. The first key never made it to any keyserver, and the second key was published to keyservers but I never really used it except for encrypting some private documents.

The third key is what I hope I can stick to. I strongly intend to use it for signing future releases of my software projects (e.g. it is very easy to sign a tag in a Git repository), but I also hope to build a web of trust of my own and get into the strong set. For starters, I have got the CAcert signature... Feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting my signature (cross-signing would be appreciated), but first you might wish to read my PGP Key Signing Policy.

Note: Links to the published version of my key are available at the bottom of every page on this site.