Goodbye Drupal, welcome Hugo!

15 years ago I migrated this website to the popular CMS Drupal. At first I loved Drupal, it was a nice and shiny tool for managing my content without having to deal with designing the appearance of the site. Over the years, however, I realized that running a dynamic website also has a cost, and that cost is keeping the software that drives the site up-to-date. With Drupal that cost is substantial: Security updates are constantly pouring in, and upgrading Drupal to a major new version invariably also means a major amount of work to be done.

Site upgraded to Drupal 8

After two weeks of work I have more or less completed the upgrade of this website from Drupal 7 (D7) to Drupal 8 (D8). Also part of the package is a new theme (the "Nexus" theme) because the old Drupal core theme "Garland" has not been ported over to D8. I'm not as happy with the new theme as I was with "Garland" (for instance, check out how ugly the "

Site maintenance

This site is undergoing maintenance: I am in the middle of upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, and as you can see for yourself quite a few things do not yet work as they should. Thank you for your patience while I try to get everything back into shape. Update, 19 June 2012: Most of the site should now work again as before. The former site theme (Sky) unfortunately is no longer available with the same design, so for the moment I'm leaving the site on the core theme, Garland.

Comment spam found *sigh*

Today I was surprised to notice that some blog entries on this website have received a couple of comments. On closer inspection, though, it turned out that the comments were merely comment spam. It is a mystery how the spambot responsible for the comments managed to circumvent my CAPTCHA system, but I guess I should have known that it would happen eventually. After all, the spam bastards of this world are wildly determined to destroy the fun and usefulness of everything, including this little, insignificant website :-(

Comments enabled

Comments are now enabled on the entire site. To ward off spam bots, anonymous visitors (i.e. guests that are not logged in) must enter a CAPTCHA, though. The CAPTCHA system is currently set to display ASCII art (which is fun :-), but this will probably change in the future.

Tagging articles

This afternoon I have been busy whipping up a topic hierarchy and tagging all the old stories and articles on this website. Hopefully I will also find the time to add some nice icons.

New site theme

I recently upgraded my site to Drupal 6. Unfortunately, I had to abandon my beloved Aqua theme in the process because nobody had ever bothered to rewrite the theme for Drupal 6, and I had not an inkling of how to do it myself. For the moment, the Sky theme serves as a replacement. Let's see how it stands the trial period...

About me, this site and the name "herzbube"

About me

My name is Patrick Näf Moser (né Patrick Näf, but that is another story). I live in central Switzerland, near Lucerne, with my wife and no kids, cat nor dog. I earn my living in varying jobs in the computer software business. My personal interests, in no particular order, are computers, reading books, playing games and travelling.

Another reincarnation

The long and painful process of finding the ultimate CMS for herzbube.ch has gone forward another step. I have decided to abandon phpWebSite in favor of Drupal. Let's see how long this reincarnation lives...