Another Dinosaur

Today I learned that besides showing a few grey hairs, there may be other indicators that the years are creeping up on me. I had confidently opened my server's computer case with the intention to add a newly bought SATA hard disk drive to the system. With a gleam of triumph in the eye I connected the drive to the motherboard, using the extra SATA cable that I had remembered to buy along with the drive (hey, I know that the age of IDE has passed, even if some dinosaurs don't!). Then the revealing moment, when I wanted to connect the drive's power and realized that the expected Molex connector was not there...

Of course I did not actually expect to see a Molex power connector; I simply expected the power connector - what else could there be? Apparently, as I had to learn, SATA nowadays employs its own new type of power connector, and it seems that when I bought my first SATA drive a couple of years ago I was merely lucky to get one that still had the legacy (!) Molex power connector.

Signing off, on the way to the next hardware store Another Dinosaur