Little Go 0.7 released on the App Store

Posted on: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 21:04 By: patrick

Today Little Go 0.7 has finally been released on the App Store. Although the app was initially rejected by Apple's review team, I was quickly able to point out why the reason given was clearly wrong. Although I am happy that the app is in the store now, I am still a bit peeved at how arbitrary the rejection seemed to be - it almost looked as if the reviewer hadn't even bothered to launch the app a single time. Fixing a genuine bug would have been OK, but seeing 10 months of work being casually dismissed with a copy & pasted statement is a bit hard to swallow...

Anyway, the 0.7 release of Little Go adds no new features, but fixes a couple of serious bugs. Other than that, the main work that has been done is the addition of artwork such as an application icon, and in-game icons for the tab bar and the toolbar on the game view. As usual you can grab the sources from the project page.

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This is the danger of Apple deciding what software the end user is allowed to install on his own purchased iPhone. Just curious: what reason did Apple give why they initially rejected the app?

Hm, I don't recall the wording, but the issue was my app using file sharing. Apparently the reviewer had found out about this by checking the app's Info.plist, but then didn't bother to read the product description (where the reason for file sharing is explained in the feature list) or actually test the app. Instead he/she claimed that the app didn't really use file sharing, that I had made a mistake, and that the app therefore needed to be rejected.

Let me state again that this wasn't the exact wording, it's just how, in my wounded pride, I remember the condescending tone.

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