dgsmonX 0.2.2 released

I just released dgsmonX 0.2.2 (project page). This version should hopefully work again with DGS 1.0.15 (see previous post). If you encounter any issues, please let know by email.

Please note that to ensure responsible use of DGS resources (as requested in the DGS FAQ), I have implemented a minimum monitoring interval of 5 minutes (or 300 seconds). If you have configured a shorter interval, it will be automatically adjusted when you launch this version of dgsmonX for the first time. The minimum interval only applies to automatic checks, manual checks can still be triggered anytime you wish. Thank you for your understanding.


Thanks for the update, but I

Thanks for the update, but I'm afraid it's all awry for me. Symptoms: "Check failed, no error details" in menu Test button never enables on preferences - servers pane Most of "menu appearance and behavior" preferences - general pane is disabled (all except "Clicking" drop-down) "Play sound" notification is also disabled

I can't find any logs. I've deleted preferences and installed from scratch. Have restarted the machine, but have not had a chance to try a different machine yet. Anything else I can do to diagnose?

I spoke too soon!

The "error" was apparently caused by having no games waiting. When I have any, it behaves as expected, but when there are none, it thinks there was an error.

I'd love to enable those preferences, though, because I prefer to see games in the menu, so am still happy to help diagnose any way I can!

It's a bug!

Reporting an error for no games waiting is definitely a bug. *sigh* I knew I should not have released without proper testing... my bad, I'm going to fix this ASAP.

Regarding all those disabled GUI elements: They are disabled because I have not implemented these features yet. Bad design decision on my side, I should have left those GUI elements out completely. My apologies for the confusion.

To be completely honest: My focus currently is on Little Go, another project of mine, so unless seeing games in the menu is a key feature for you I would prefer to work on the next version of Little Go. Once that version is complete I promise to come back and spend a little love on dgsmonX. After all, now I am motivated because I know that someone would actually use those preferences...

0.2.3 is out

In case you don't check the main blog: 0.2.3 is out and fixes the bug (hopefully). I also added a note to the Preferences window which explains why some GUI elements are disabled. Thanks a lot for your feedback (and patience)!



I'm curious what you're up to with Little Go, since the app store is full of "just boards" and has a passable DGS client. But there's certainly potential for new ideas!

Thanks for the fix. I'll somehow carry on without games in my menu bar, after all if it was that important I'd just use Marc Hedlund's Dragon's Breath. I frankly settled on dgsmon only because your icon is nicer. ;-)

If "just boards" means that

If "just boards" means that an app provides only a board for two human players to play on, then Little Go can do a little bit more. It wraps Fuego and makes use of its Monte-Carlo computer player engine, a pretty tough opponent for low-level amateurs like me. I started the Little Go project a year or so ago, out of frustration that, at the time, I could not find a free Go app that included a computer player. Although I am fascinated by Go, I play only rarely and very casually, and I didn't want to pay for an app I would use only once every 4 months. Call me a miser :-)

Thanks for letting me know about the icon. I will pass on the praise to Shawn Betts, the guy who contributed the icon (which is based on DGS' browser favicon). Thanks also for pointing out Dragon's Breath, seeing another "competing" Mac app provides perspective. At the same time, looking at DB's feature list is also a bit depressing... :-)