Little Go statistics update

I took the opportunity of the 1.6.0 release to have another look at Little Go’s App Store statistics. The last time I published these statistics was in September 2013, for version 0.12.0. In the 7½ years since then I have done nothing to promote the app, except listing it on Sensei’s Library. I’m therefore quite pleased to see that the app’s reach has increased substantially.


The total number of updates in the 11 days since the 1.6.0 release: 167k. Yes, that is (approximately) 167'000 times. I still have no clue how many people are actively using the app, but it’s still a nice number 😊.

The daily update numbers are:

  • Day 1: 958
  • Day 2: 70.6k
  • Day 3: 25.4k
  • Day 4: 13.5k
  • Day 5: 11.1k
  • Day 6: 9.81k
  • Day 7: 8.72k
  • Day 8: 7.86k
  • Day 9: 6.93k
  • Day 10: 6.40k
  • Day 11: 5.89k

So just like 7½ years ago the vast majority of updates happens on the second day after the release.

New installations

In the 11 days since the 1.6.0 release there were a total of approximately 1'720 new installations, or 150 new installations per day. This is a bit less than in 2020 when the average was above 200, but about the same as 2019 and 2018.

Looking back over several years there is one outstanding event on December 4 2018 when there was a sudden spike of 10.1k new installations in a single day. I have no idea what happened there - could be a glitch in the App Store data or maybe the app was featured somewhere prominent.

Updates by country

The top 10 countries with the most updates in the last 11 days:

  • United States = 62.5k
  • Germany = 26.5k
  • France = 14.1k
  • Russia = 9.63k
  • Switzerland = 5.98k
  • Netherlands = 5.31k
  • Sweden = 5.28k
  • Spain = 4.51k
  • Thailand = 4.26k
  • Turkey = 3.15k

And how are the numbers in Asian countries where Go has its origin? Given the fact that Little Go has not been translated it’s hardly a surprise that the app is not doing too well in those countries.

  • 27th place: Korea = 567
  • 37th place: Japan = 182
  • 41st place: Hong Kong = 122
  • 42nd place: China mainland = 114
  • 46th place: Taiwan = 69


In total the app has received 232 App Store ratings that average to 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Looking at the distribution it’s interesting to see that there’s a substantial amount of 1-star ratings. It seems that people either love the app or hate it - luckily the former predominates 😊.

  • 5-star: 133
  • 4-star: 29
  • 3-star: 19
  • 2-star: 14
  • 1-star: 37

Crash reports

In the last 11 days Google’s Firebase Crashlytics has received 43 crash reports for version 1.6.0 from 21 users, with the crashes occurring in 14 distinct locations.

I see additional crashes in Xcode that were reported via Apple. It seems that there are about a dozen distinct crash locations, but apart from that the quantities are not very clear. Also I don’t know yet if there are overlaps between the reports from Crahlytics and from Apple.