python-aprmd5 is a Python extension written in C that wraps the MD5 routines of the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) Utility Library (libaprutil) and exposes them to the Python interpreter as the module aprmd5.

For further information please visit the project's GitHub site. The page you are reading now is just a stub for hosting the tar balls below. These have been created using the Distutils Python module. In the terminology of Distutils, each tar ball is a so-called "source distribution". Read the file INSTALL inside the tar ball, or on the GitHub site, for more details about how to build the project and use the resulting Python module.

Download v0.2.1: [Source distribution] [ChangeLog] []

Download v0.2: [Source distribution] [ChangeLog] [README]

Download v0.1: [Source distribution] [ChangeLog] [README]