Added Bugzilla

It might seem a bit overblown to have an entire Bugzilla installation for the simple stuff that can be found on the software projects page. On the other hand, Bugzilla is a really nice defect tracking system and I would like to keep up-to-date with its development.

May I present to you... Herzilla :-) If you want to fool around a bit, just hop over and try the test product...


Added Curriculum Vitae

I added my Curriculum Vitae. Note: I am extremely happy with my current job, so putting up my CV really has no special meaning...


Added site logo

I finally got around to make a small logo for this web site: you can see it at the top of every page. I also changed the footer to include my e-mail address and PGP key. is dead, long live

My old homepage is dead. After many years of manually messing around with HTML and CSS text files in vi, I finally became tired of it. So I went out and installed phpWebSite. You are now looking at the result of this reincarnation.



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