CardDAV integration in Roundcube on Debian

After much fiddling around, I finally worked out how to get the CardDAV plugin to work on my Debian box. The main problem was working out where to place the plugin's source code and configuration files, and where to create symlinks so that the Debian-packaged version of Roundcube finds the plugin and picks up its config file. Here is the full account of how to install and configure Roundcube and the CardDAV plugin on a Debian box that tracks the "testing" distribution.

This CD-R will self-destruct in 15 years

During the last few months I repeatedly came across CDs in my music collection that were no longer readable. Today I made an effort to go through and check the entire collection. The result: Between 20 and 30 CDs have deteriorated so much that they have become unusable. The CDs in question are all Sunstar CD-R media that I have burned 12-15 years ago. Click the "Read more" link to see some images...


Star Trek: Grave Robbers from Outer Space

Last week I went to the theatre to see the new Ridley Scott flick Prometheus. On Friday I saw the version of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Yesterday I watched the 2011 movie Cowboys & Aliens on DVD.

What do these films have in common? It's simple: All of them are of utter trash value! However, when I look at how much I enjoyed watching each of these movies, the fifty+ years old Plan 9 beats the hell out of the other two! Three reasons why, after the break...


dgsmonX 0.2.3 released

Version 0.2.3 of dgsmonX fixes a small but ugly bug introduced in 0.2.2: Instead of "no game waiting" dgsmonX would report "Check failed, no error details". Thanks to Hans for reporting this.

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Little Go is on Trello

I recently stumbled upon Trello, a cool new service that provides simple task-oriented project organization. As an experiment, I have added a Trello board for Little Go and put most of the roadmap features and TODO ideas up on that board. Have a look and let me know what you think about it.

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