mkroesti 0.1 released

Posted on: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 01:22 By: patrick

This is the first public release 0.1 of mkroesti, a small Python learning project of mine. Visit the project web page for details if the following project résumé piques your interest.

mkroesti is a program written in Python that, given an input, is capable of generating different kinds of cryptographic and other hashes from that input. mkroesti takes its input either interactively from the user, or from any one of the following sources: standard input, the command line, any file. So far, mkroesti does not have its own implementation of hash algorithms. Instead, it relies on other Python modules to provide algorithm implementations and merely acts as a front end to those modules.

At the moment, mkroesti can only be run as a command line utility. One of the next versions will allow mkroesti to be run as a web application. There is also a plan for implementing a Mac OS X GUI front end.

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Another Dinosaur

Posted on: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 23:20 By: patrick

Today I learned that besides showing a few grey hairs, there may be other indicators that the years are creeping up on me. I had confidently opened my server's computer case with the intention to add a newly bought SATA hard disk drive to the system. With a gleam of triumph in the eye I connected the drive to the motherboard, using the extra SATA cable that I had remembered to buy along with the drive (hey, I know that the age of IDE has passed, even if some dinosaurs don't!). Then the revealing moment, when I wanted to connect the drive's power and realized that the expected Molex connector was not there...

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Time for a backup

Posted on: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 02:00 By: patrick

The following story is probably not very interesting to anyone out there, but it serves as a reminder (at least to myself) why backups are so important. Today I was lucky enough to spot disaster creeping up on me in time, but tomorrow I might be too late...

The whole thing started when my wife told me that "there are a lot of funny error messages on our homepage". "Error messages on our homepage, what do you mean?" I replied, and then pointed my browser at the website to see for myself. This is what I saw:

A Chronology of Quendor patrick Wed, 28 Jan 2009 21:44

Surfing the web sometimes uncovers gems like this one. Warning: You will not be thrilled unless you are an Infocom enthusiast :-)

Addendum: This is also a good Infocom resource.

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How to set environment variables for Mac OS X applications

Posted on: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 02:42 By: patrick

Although the typical Mac user, living in the Aqua land of blissful ignorance, usually does not care about environment variables and other such "strange" beasts, it may sometimes become unavoidable having to deal with this stuff from the ninth hell of command line wickedness.

My moment of truth came when I wanted to run the Gimp (the official Mac port can be downloaded from here) in a different language (English) than the default language of my Mac OS X installation (German). For this I had to run using the environment variable LANG set to the value en.

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New site theme

Posted on: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 01:09 By: patrick

I recently upgraded my site to Drupal 6. Unfortunately, I had to abandon my beloved Aqua theme in the process because nobody had ever bothered to rewrite the theme for Drupal 6, and I had not an inkling of how to do it myself.

For the moment, the Sky theme serves as a replacement. Let's see how it stands the trial period...

Structured Procrastination patrick Mon, 08 Dec 2008 13:33

Hilarious, and yet so true, a must read for any serious procrastinator:

I am going to look over the priorities of my TODO list right away! I should probably make "write captions for old vacation pictures" the top-priority task, whereas "backup my data" needs to be mercilessly demoted to priority 9 :-)

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